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Charles H Greenthal Management Has A Problem At 110 West 86th Street

Barbara Corcoran: "Unit owners in a luxury condo of this size in this neighborhood should expect the highest level of service - meaning a constant presence at the door. The job is very simple - be there to provide service - assist with the door, packages, strollers, security, etc."

Marie Lapoint: "Keep in mind that the doormen in this building are under the same 32B contract as the doormen on Park Avenue - same pay, same benefits.  You should expect the same level of service even without the white gloves - you're already paying for it!"

Managing Agent: Kathy Mauro

Doorman: Wilfredo Batista
If you arrive at this building with an armful of packages, a child in a stroller, or luggage when this doorman is on duty, expect to have to wait until he realizes you are there. As you can see, this might take a while... or never.

A couple of our best friends recently purchased a unit in this building and were astonished to find that a doorman would be permitted to brazenly ignore the door.  After complaining anonymously a couple of times with no result, they asked us to publicize this problem in a way that will draw the attention of management. Fearing reprisals, most residents are afraid to complain openly about this particular doorman. He is a long time employee and has used his tenure at the union to protect his incompetence.

The videos were recorded on one day in 2013 at various times during Batista's shift and clearly demonstrate the problem. We have a huge collection of additional videos that will be posted if this attempt fails to correct the problem.  The absence of the doorman would be excusable if he were assisting someone, or momentarily dealing with an issue away from the door. But in each of the documented visits, he was socializing with other employees or visitors, or simply ignoring his station. Lax management standards have created an environment that is not conducive to a good work ethic, where workers are not being held to account.

Consistently good service in a building improves the desirability of your real estate investment and can make an individual unit more valuable in the marketplace.  Keep in mind that the evaluation of property value starts when someone arrives at the front door.

Unit Owners: Do you want your building managed in a way that permits an employee to ignore his duties in this way? The prices of the units in this building demand that a higher service standard be set by management. If you live in this building, insist on changes that improve it.  The fact that this page exists should be a wake up call to the current management including the board.  Share this page with other unit owners.


Service problems at 110 West 86th Street