Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Nothing Like It

Roger had nothing in mind, and too much time on his hands when he built this site.

So mischief prevailed and instead going forth to multiply, he ended up dividing - by zero.

And look what happened.  Nothing rose its ugly head, and sucked all of something away.

"It's nothing, nothing at all! Don't try to make something out of nothing!" claimed his attorney at the inquest, speaking in the imperative.  But even as he spoke he knew that nothing could stop him now.  Once you go down that road (or drain), there's no turning back.  We tried asking, even begging, "Please put it back!  Revert! Nothing is not worth it! Cease and desist before it's too late and nothing takes over your entire life!"

"Nothing doing!!" came back hard as if with 2 exclamation points instead of only one, and it was clear that for Roger, nothing else mattered, even though keyword stuffing was lurking in the background.  For he had gotten hold of the nothing remover and now had control over the entire process leading to nothingness.  And he was just getting started.

He wanted to be able to say, "Nothing could be further from the truth." But the truth was that SEO curiosity had gotten the best of Roger, and that's nothing to laugh about, especially if you know Roger, who can be nothing but trouble when it comes to search fanaticism.  Building websites focused strongly on nothing can be dangerous to your grasp on reality, no matter how much nothing remover you use. And he used a lot.  Before he was done, there was nothing left of the nothing remover. Zip. Zero.  Yes, now the tubes of nothing remover had nothing in them (instead of nothing remover) and there was no more to be found since the manufacturing of nothing remover was outlawed in 2010.  Confused, like you probably are now, he carried on as if nothing had happened.  But it had happened.  Big time.

So how does it end when it comes to nothing?  Let's just say that nothing turned out as expected - it was nothing more, nothing less.
Where You Are Before You're Found
Caught In The Struggle
Nowhere / Somewhere

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